About Us


Founded directly in the heart of Sydney, Australia, Woo & Co is the newest fashion label set to take over the scene. Incorporating some of the sexiest and most elegant looks, we aim to bring a unique and edgy look to the fashion world of today. With years of experience in Sydney’s clubbing scene, we took it upon ourselves to create a “go-to” brand when it comes to all occasions. Every woman deserves to discover her true beauty, and we want to help you find your confidence!

Our aim is to empower you as a woman and be your number one fashion choice. Our team is constantly on the lookout for the latest trends and fashion forward with a wide range of clothes to boost your confidence.

We believe every woman has her own unique beauty and it is our mission to help women stand together through the power of fashion.


Our elegant line of bandage dresses, sexy crops and must have skirts all have one ulterior motive, to make YOU feel sexy. We have a range of different products made to fit all types of occasions. From street style to a night on the town, our expansive range promises to stop the constant “what will I wear” panic before you step outside.

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