Terms and Conditions

The information below sets out the terms for all Woo & Co social platforms and website. Please pay attention to detail in all terms and conditions before using our Website and Social Media.

1.1 By using our Website and Social Media, you are providing your consent and accept all the Terms and Conditions and Returns Policy set out.

1.2 If you do not accept the conditions, we advise you NOT to use our website and Social Media platforms.

2.1 We grant you a non-exclusive, non-negotiable and limited licence to:

(a) View/Use any information we have made accessible to you on our platforms;

(b) Purchase any goods we have provided on the website.

2.2 You must not:

(a) Interfere with accessibility to our Social Media platforms;

(b) Connect our platforms with ANY illegal activities, including fraud;

(d) Conduct any orderly or automated data collection activities for information found on our platforms.

3.1 All intellectual property on our social media platforms are rightfully owned or listened to us.

3.2 Content from our website may only be downloaded for caching purposes. If a physical copy is absolute necessary, only a single copy is authorised for personal use.

3.3 You must not:

(a) Republish any Content from this Website and Social Media;

(b) Replicate any Content from our platforms for your own commercial purpose;

(d) Apply modifications to any content found on our platforms;

(e) Redistribute any of our content, unless agreed otherwise.

4.1 You may upload content to our social media platforms, subject to this clause.


4.2 You grant us a non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable, royalty-free, world-wide licence to use any Intellectual Property in Posts, including rights to:

(a) Copy, edit or reformat content;

(b) Publicly post any content;

(c) Use content for commercial and advertising purposes, including our Social Media platforms.

4.3 IP Licence in relation to the content you provide ends once you have deleted the post, but we may still have a copy of the content for a period of time.


4.4 You must not upload any Post that:

(a) Promotes illegal behaviour;

(b) Is abusive, harmful or threatening;

(c) Promotes violence;

(d) Exploits one in a sexual manner, or has pornographic content;

(e) Endorses racism, hatred, physical harm or any other discriminatory behaviour;

(f) Is fraudulent or misleading;

(g) Replicates a person or entity, or falsely represents Woo & Co;

(h) Violates any of these terms and conditions;

(i) infringes another’s intellectual or property rights;

(j) Invades another’s privacy;

(k) Includes images of another person without their given consent;

(l) Reveals anyone’s personal details, including sensitive financial details of identification;

(m) Is posted to interfere with any Social Media platforms; and

(n) Advertises another entity and their products aside from us.


4.5 By uploading Posts on our Website and Social Media, you authorise that:

(a) You have the right to provide the content as it is posted;

(b) You are the rightful owner of the content posted and have the right to assign copyright ownership to us; and

(c) The Content is not in prohibition as advised under the clause 4.4.


4.6 We are not held liable or responsible for any results from your post, as we have not reviewed and cannot review all posts.

4.7 In some cases, we may, at our sole discretion, reject or remove any Post you provide.

5.1 In this clause:

(a) Third Party Material refers to material from a Third Party Website which are in conjunction to and from a Third Party Website.

(b) Third Party Website means a website operated by a third party.

5.2 We do not endorse or approve Third Party Material.

6.1 Our Social Media platforms are provided ‘as is’ and we do not provide any express or implied representation or warranty all responsibility as to:

(a) The accessibility of platforms and associated services at the time you wish to use;

(b) The accurate information anf content on the Social Media platforms

6.2 No content we post on our platforms are forms of  “professional advice” and we do encourage you to seek desired advice from a professional if needed.

7.1 In this clause, a Covered Party means:

(a) Directors, employees, affiliates and us, and;

(b) Any third party supplier of Content, and those in which they have associated with.

7.2 In accordance to the law, Covered Parties are not liable for any reaction to:

(a) Content provided at no cost at all to you;

(b) Impreciseness found within the content;

(c) Interruption of access to the website;

(d) Any failure in performance within control of a covered party;

(e) Any loss of personal data.

7.3 Covered Parties are not responsible for any consequential liability to a user (including legal fees) as a result of the content used.

7.4 A covered party’s liability for any breach of contract or under legislation is limited to:

(a) Goods:

(i) Replacement of the product, or a product of equivalent value;
(ii) repair of the goods;
(iii) Credit note; and


7.6 Nothing in this agreement will exclude or limit our liability in respect of any:

(a) Any harmful injury, or death as a result of our negligence;

(b) Any fraudulent misrepresentation on our behalf

8.1 You agree to guarantee and keep us compensated against any Liability (including legal fees) that may come as a result of:

(a) Your breach of our terms and conditions for our social media platforms; and

(b) A claim in which you have breached said Terms and Conditions.

9.1 You provide consent in the case that:

(a) We could possibly store cookies on your device; and

(b) We may request cookies in order to collect information, both personal and non-personal.

9.2 You are more than able to disable cookies rom your browser if you do not agree with this policy.

9.3 You agree that we may use, including but not limited to, the listed cookies:

(a) persistent cookies;

(b) flash cookies;

(c) authentication cookies; and

(d) session cookies.

9.4 Cookies are used for the reasons such as:

(a) Improving the performance that are made in the case of any errors;

(b) Remember any preset settings you have used for our platformsl

(e) Recognise if you are logged into our platforms;

(e) Link to social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter;

(f) Make ads more suitable to you and your preferences.

10.1 If we find that any of these terms and conditions have been breached, we are able to take appropriate actions such as:

(a) Providing you with a warning notice;

(b) Suspending or prohibiting your access to our platforms;

(c) Taking the issue to a higher power, such as court proceedings.

11.1 If we fail to operate our social media platforms correctly, the written terms and conditions will cease operation.

12.1 This Agreement is governed by the laws of New South Wales.

12.2 The Parties involved submit to the courts of the New South Wales jurisdiction.

13.1 We may changes to our social media platforms, inclusive of the terms and conditions at any time, without providing notice.

14.1 This current Agreement represents the whole Agreement between all parties involved, and overwrites any previous agreements regarding usage of our platforms.

15.1 We may transfer any of our rights under our terms without requiring your consent.

15.2 You may not transfer your rights under these terms of use.

16.1 If any sole part, or all of this Agreement is deemed invalid of unenforceable, then:

(a) That provision is removed from this agreement to the necessary requirement that makes it invalid; and

(b) The remaining Terms and conditions remain enforceable.

17.1 Specific terms of this Agreement will remain enforceable after said agreement ends, including clauses in relation to:

(a) The protection of intellectual property;

(b) Guarantees, warranties and limitation of liability.

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